Sunday, November 9, 2014

Art Auction for Kids Art Classes

There is a collection of wonderful artworks based on the theme 'space' hanging in the new My Gallery on Wyndham Street North at the back of what is better known as Wyndham Variety. Follow the footsteps from Wyndham Art Supplies to find the show.

There are over 50 pieces of art available in this silent auction, all of them using a 6" x 12" panel. Funds raised from the  A.C.E. auction will go to support art classes for kids.

A.C.E. was created to provide full and partial subsidies to families who wish to send their children to art classes and camps at the Guelph School of Art but who are unable to afford the full cost of the programs.

You can place bids on the works in person at My Gallery or online through the website here. The auction will wrap up in a party at Silence at 46 Essex St. Tickets for the party are $5 in advance at Wyndham Art Supplies and are limited.

Here are a few snaps of some of the work in the auction to entice you.

I also have a piece in the show but really they all look better in person and you can find them just a few steps from Wyndham Art Supplies.

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