Sunday, November 2, 2014

Art Toronto 2014

Spent a wonderful Friday last week at Art Toronto with my sister Aubrey who was in town for a brief visit. yay. I had some new work with Open Studio at the show and was happy to visit the booth and the lovely Astrid. I wish I had taken some photos in the Open Studio booth, so many great print works. You can find lots of info, reviews and images from the show on the website artsy, in case there is something you are trying to find. Our friend Pam dropped by for a glass of bubbly (yes, they had a little prosecco station there!) and a wander around. Ran into lots of people, had some good chats and saw so many wonderful things. Later we were joined by Chris and Odin. Finished off the evening with a delightful dinner at the Swan with Renann Isaacs who was so full of energy after her first long day as an exhibiting gallery in the show.
I have been a visitor to this show for a number of years and think that this was one of my favourite ones. Here are a few shots of things we liked.

Red Lantern Sculpture by Donald Sultan
*Donald and I definitely like lots of the same things

Badland I by Andy Curlowe
*we all agreed on this artist. The colours and contrasts were wonderful and sometimes there is nothing sexier than a little Belgian linen showing through 

Veiled Hood #2 by Cal Lane
*I am still a lot about the bass...I mean lace

Pam checking out a Chuck Close woodcut self portrait.
You just have to get close to look at those prints. They are pretty amazing.

this shot was about the sculpture by Benedict Parmentier. reminds me of numerous things from my youth and definitely a little bit of Tank Girl

Aubrey finally got her ride on the BGL's exhibit Canada de fantaisie/Canada Fancy which will be going to Venice for the Canadian Pavillion at the Biennial
Here is an article about the work in the Globe and Mail.

Lucien Freud etching...sigh

This was fun. Lots of goauche paintings and projections by Katya Bonnenfant or the old boys' club. More info and images here on artsy

So this is was a very short list of some of my favourite things and lots of them were decided as a group or if I felt it was ok to take my camera out at the time. Anyhow, this painting titled, Niagara Falls #5 (Currier & Ives) by Alison Schulnik was one of my favourites. I love this so much that I am putting another photo here because the colours are so different in each. This painting was in the room in such a very large, easy and beautiful way.

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