Sunday, November 16, 2014

2 visits to Graven Feather and some axe throwing

I took the bus in to help out at Open Studio with some of the preparations for Art Toronto, (so were are going backwards in time a bit here). Had a lovely visit with Astrid and Open Studio people then headed West to catch up with Pam and Erin at Graven Feather. Graven Feather had an exhibition of work by the artists in residence that they have had in the past year, called Made Here II. Pam and I went for a walkabout to visit the new Young Space and pick up some light beer from Bellwoods Brewery and food from Fresh across the street. Everything is excellent and convenient here. 

woo hoo

I like the name of this 2.8 % beer. It was yummy too.

this print by Cat Bluemke

etchings by Dave Sheppard

letter writing piece by Arianne Shaffer
There was a fourth artist in the show, Maureen DaSilva. Unfortunately I don't have a photo but you can find one here.

Here their annual calendar is almost finished.

Here Pam is trying to finish the last month that is giving her some grief.

This is from visit number 2, where Chris and I got to visit the opening for in the round II

so many wonderful works. loved these noses

Chris had three rounds in the show. His are the top right and Myles Calvert's are the three bottom right. There were lots of  familiar artists and their works but it was very crowded on opening night and we definitely have to get back and look more leisurely before it comes down on the 29th.

The Graven Feather calendar was finished on our second visit, so we scooped one. They have set up an etsy shop and you can get them there now as well.

After all of the in the round II excitement, Chris and I hustled over to the East end where we were invited to join in a friend's birthday party- axe throwing.
I know, axe throwing, what kind of birthday party danger is this? Well, it wasn't very dangerous. The staff are pretty strict about what you can and can't do, which is good and they were super helpful and friendly. 

everyone warming up when we arrived

Lots of practice time for everyone. We were all novices and gave it our best shot.

Birthday girl Clare was doing pretty well with the axe lessons and just sparkled in her party tiara.

I really tried but wasn't getting it. My instructors were very patient.

Chris and Byron were in the finals of the tournament and well matched until the very last throw.

Even though Chris won the tournament, it was still Clare's birthday and she was the one who got to throw the big axe. Which was very exciting. Look how happy she looks. That is one of our great teachers, whose name I am forgetting. If you are interested in this kind of fun, you should try it. You can find BATL here.
    *Highly recommended.

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