Friday, August 19, 2016

Around the Studio

The studio building. It is called Troms fylkskultursenter and a few other names. It was a tuberculosis hospital for children a long time ago and apparently there are some stories, but I have so far avoided listening to any. It feels like a lovely place and I love looking out at the back of these rabbits from our apartment on the third floor or from the studio on the first floor. 

This elevator makes me happy even though it doesn't work. It is painted with some care and imagination with each floor a different colour combination. This (our) floor is my favourite.

The building is large with lots of doors to different studios and spaces. I find so many of the details charming. Even the fire alarm panel that I had to have a training session with two firemen on the third day I was here. Our smoke detector is very sensitive in our apartment and toast should be made under a fan hood turned on high.

There are many different colour doors with signs and labels which I don't understand. For instance, this one is not about naughty but I think is a shower room or bathroom. Good to know.
Here are a few of my favourites.

This is a well respected film studio. I heard that Tromsø has a fairly well known film festival in the Winter. That would be a good holiday with the Northern lights.

I am almost positive there is no beer in here. I keep seeing this word in different buildings and think it may have something to do with maintenance. Much more research needed in all areas. Grocery shopping is mostly figured out though.

I am making a happy face here after struggling with the three colour mountain image I am trying to finish. It was to be a test print in preparation for an entirely different series of plant works. I am not so sure now. I am becoming a bit obsessed with the mountains...

This is the top floor or attic that a number of artists share as their studios. It is open concept and has a lovely feel to it.


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