Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Tromsø

Things are going well in Tromsø. The weather seems to be slightly overcast and cool mixed with super sunny and warm. So, just right maybe. I haven't been up the mountain again yet, but am keen to do so. I am still mixing my studio work with wandering around discovering this beautiful place. 
Here are some more photos of my wanders.

More views from the mountain top.

Bottom of the mountain, fjord, bridge and Tromsø on the other side.

On the far side of Tromsø (from my mountain view).

Silvia and Audrée up the mountain, eating blueberries and looking like they are too close to the edge. The steep sides make me a bit nervous up there.

Audrée, Maria and Silvia happy at the top of the mountain.

This cutie lives in the oldest pub here in Tromsø, called Ølhallen. 

Isbjørn says, be cool.

Audrée and Maria berry picking. Crow berries and Blue berries.

We followed the path over the edge and down the mountain. It was a bit hairy and it took me some time to recover. Emotionally and physically. I think I am now ready to try it again.

Most mornings fresh berries and yoghurt

Cable car stop at the top and lovely cafe for lunch. I am still a bit in shock about walking down from there.

Angelica or Giant Hogweed? They both grow everywhere here. 

Giant Hogweed or Tromsø Palm as they call it here. It also looks a lot like Angelica... I want to get to the bottom of this. In Ontario it is supposedly so poisonous that the sap can make you very photosensitive and you can break out in burns. In Tromsø, it is everywhere and no one seems the least bit concerned.

When you find a bit of Guelph at the local library. And they gave me my own library card. I can actually hang out 'after hours'. Feeling very privileged. I asked if it was possible to take books out as a foreigner and the librarian looked a bit taken aback, "but of course" she said to me.

I loved the windows on this church at the end of the alley.

I am falling in love with these mountains everywhere. We are surrounded here by their beauty. It is truly distracting... can I really complain about being distracted by the beauty here?
It is creeping into my work and making me question everything I am working on.

The mountains might just take over. We will have to see what happens.

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