Friday, September 2, 2016

Getting to work

It is very near the end of my stay here in Tromsø. Sorry to my family for being so slow with the posts and photos lately. I will put one more together before the end of the weekend and then I will see you soon! 
I have been enjoying this place and spending much time working as well. Finding a balance between the two is tricky when Norwegians encourage you to take a sunny day off to be outside. This is important to them and since it has been pretty good with the weather since we have been here, there is much time outdoors. I walk everywhere and the island is not too big, so I can get most places within an hour or so. I have figured out where all the grocery stores are and vintage shops. The botanical garden is not too far away and I spent a lovely afternoon there. Here are some sketches and a pronto plate.

There are some interesting man hole covers here- actually lots of them. We are going to print some of them. Their highways are underground, which was a bit freaky the first time I went through. Traffic lights and round abouts, multi-lane and fast. There is also extensive underground parking that is part of this system. It is better for the ice in Winter and of course easier and more direct driving than up and down the mountains. 

This is not a road hole cover but a bathroom grill that I thought looked like a snowflake.

Another sculpture on the grounds of the culture centre.

Many delicious fish meals, thanks to Vidar and his father for catching them and Silvia for passing them on to us grateful artists.

Silvia and Vidar's lovely home and guest house in Hakøya.

Their view.

This is me enjoying hygge in Silvia and Vidar's guest house alone one day. Hygge translates awkwardly to something like coziness or well-being and is very important here.

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