Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wyndham Art Supplies Staff Art Show

Chris at the eBar has invited the artists/staff at Wyndham Art Supplies to hang a group show. It came at a time close to Christmas, where everyone was a little unsure of timing, but we were all keen and managed to get it together. Lots of credit goes to Eric for being the most enthusiastic and encouraging in pulling this event together. 

Please join us Tuesday, January 26th from 8-12pm in celebrating at the eBar. 

Everyone at Wyndham Art Supplies has work included except for young Odin, who is in the midst of preparing for grade 12 exams and is not at the moment focussed on artwork.

Here is the sweet poster designed by Laura Harrison.

Here is the eBar (& BookShelf) website with location details. Unfortunately, our event is not on there but we definitely will be there on Tuesday evening!

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