Thursday, January 14, 2016

Articulations and more

Chris and I went on a bit of an art store outing to Toronto where we met with some lovely independent art store owners. We met with Pierre from Avenue des Arts in Montreal, Kim from the Paint Spot in Calgary and Miki and Heather from Articulations in Toronto. (Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of these wonderful will just have to go visit them in their stores.) Our group gathered at the Articulations store- which I love so much. We chatted lots about about art supplies, the business, dabbled with some beautiful paints that Pierre brought for us to try then went for a super dinner down the street. 

The photo above is the area above their kitchen/ workshop area. While we were there, Heather and Miki were finishing the preparation of the 2nd floor where they were moving their event and workshop space. I love fairy lights and bunting.

The sweet space below the bunting

                Chris checking out some of the products that he wasn't familiar with

             I think there are similarities in our stores and approaches to retail but the 
           organization and display of items at Articulations makes me a little envious.
           If you are in Toronto and like art supplies or just lovely stores, you should 
                                     visit them. Luckily we had a bit more time to 
            spend with Pierre and Kim when they visited us in Guelph the next day.

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