Tuesday, February 3, 2015

scrap exchange collage

I just finished a collage piece for Papir Masse and Brown Paper Bag (The Collage Scrap Exchange) with scrap papers sent to me by Kristin Annen, an artist I was paired up with in California. 1000 artists were paired up for the project where we exchanged a package of our scrap papers and then were to create a collage with the theme 'new landscapes'. I have been thinking about landscape for some time and it was a good excuse to stretch that muscle and see where it would take me.

Kristen sent me some great pages from old Life magazines, papers with hand drawn patterns, and pages from old books. It took some time to figure it out but when it came together, I was fairly pleased with the end result. Phew. It is off.
Here are some photos of the work in progress and the finished piece. I can't wait to see what Kristen did with the pieces I sent to her. 

Here are some of the scraps Kristen sent me. Lots of great stuff- think I will try to work on a few more collages with this.

Some final decisions.

Here is the end result for me.

Sara Barnes of Brown Paper Bag posted some of the submissions. Lots of lovely collage, you can check out here.

Here are a couple of Kristin's pieces. There is a lot more space in her work...I think I went a bit crowded in mine. Really like these two. There are some more you can check out on her tumblr here.

Escape I

Escape II

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  1. Nice post Tammy! It was fun working with your scraps and getting to know your work from your site and blog!