Monday, January 26, 2015

beautiful powerful portraits

I love portraits. Paintings, drawings, prints and photos. Such a challenge to convey the look or essence of a person as well as something of their character. A great portrait captures the model and something of the artist as well. When the two are artists, I think the result is successful on a few levels. I used to do lots of portrait work but it has been some time since I have shown any... but maybe soon...
Anyhow, below are portraits of two gorgeous, fearless, women artists.

There are so many fabulous photos and paintings of the designer Vivienne Westwood, most of them great because she is such a charismatic subject. Go ahead and google her and you will see so many over the years, from her as a young punk designer to her now a bold beautiful and daring artist/ activist. This above is one of my favourites by Tim Walker for Vogue UK, October 2009. You should check out more of Tim Walker's amazing work on his website here. Under the heading, portraits, you will find his original gorgeous photo in a much better viewing format than this snapshot of a magazine page. I think his portrait of the late Alexander McQueen is another of my favourite portraits.

You can read more about the brilliant Vivienne Westwood here and her fashions here.

This portrait of the artist Kara Walker by Chuck Close is so beautiful. If you look at it up close it is just amazing to see how Chuck Close works. Here on you can zoom in. Do it! So cool. Lots of interesting art and articles on this site.
More about wonderful artist Kara Walker here.
A PBS film about the amazing Chuck Close here.

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