Monday, June 16, 2014

return to Spark Box Studios

Yay! Another wonderful time spent at Spark Box Studios in Picton, Ontario. 
It feels long ago now but I returned just over a week ago after two lovely weeks spent indulging (or tormenting) in my own work and in the company of a great group of artists. Chrissy and Kyle are the talented twosome who run the residency where lucky artists are taken in for a time. My co-residents this stay were Pam Lobb (we had some grand plans to return to ideas that grew from our show together at Renann Isaacs Art Gallery) and Michelle Simon from Boyle, Ireland. Lots of work was done as well as some adventuring in the glorious weather, trying cider and delicious pizza at Country Cider, garage saling (?? verb word), Michelle's first drive-in movie, the return of Fifth Town Cheese (hurray), Vickie's Veggies and some heritage tomato plants to take home. Lots of laughs, good times and inspiration for more work at home.
I thought I would be a bit more orderly about this posting but things have been quite busy and I am just going to put these snapshots out there and explain more later.

Chrissy's loom in the window

Kyle's organ and barking deer art

some material I brought with for inspiration

Pam hard at work late at night

me in the lovely studio

Pam's work station with sculptural works ready for her printmaking layers

studio got an organized mess in record time

these sweet little guys were on the dresser in my bedroom

my cool room, was happy to have a different room than last time

Pam ready to go

the view of Lake Ontario from County Cider's lounge chairs

enjoying the view with Pam and Michelle

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