Tuesday, June 10, 2014

making washi video

People often ask me about the word washi and why I describe the paper I use in my work, as part of the medium. Washi is handmade Japanese paper and though there are many different kinds, they are all made with great skill by a small special group of craftspeople that used to be part of a much bigger community. 

Here is a video that Nancy from the Japanese Paper Place sent to me in place of the wonderful videos that her husband shot while they were in Japan recently. Apparently, his videos still need a bit of editing, though I thought they were just perfect, we will have to wait to share those. This video is a good illustration of the washi making process and the enormous amount of care, time and patience that goes into making each sheet. Click here to watch 'Washi Paper: paper making in the Shimane prefecture by the Sekishu-Banshi craftsmen's association: production process'. In the video they are making Sekishu (kozo) paper.

I have a number of favourite washi papers that range from a whisper fine tissue that picks up every tiny detail in a delicate textile transfer print to some heavier, textured support papers that are wonderful to carve into and sew with... it is hard to describe how wonderful they are. If you like working with paper, you should treat yourself to sampling some papers from the Japanese Paper Place. They have workshops regularly at the warehouse and invite consultations with artists wanting to find just the right paper for a particular project. You can find all their details here. They are also have many resellers across the country (like Wyndham Art Supplies), so if you are not in Toronto you might still be able to find their lovely wares closer to home. 

this paper is sitting on top of another paper, which you can see behind

above is a range of Tosa washi that I was using for a special project. 

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