Wednesday, July 2, 2014

a bit more Spark Box

Thinking of all the hard work and good times spent at Spark Box recently. So many photos from my time there. Here are a few more.

Their Fall Residency Awards link is here and the deadline is August 31st 2014.

good morning, afternoon and evening, everyday Print Studio!

Chrissy just does fun things like this. (chalk rug)

and buys things like this to hold the garlic her neighbours give her

another studio space to try different things. some quick watercolour sketches on newsprint

my bedroom window with the huge dancing tree outside. somedays it was quiet and still but most days I could lie for some time just watching it sway all over the place. I really wish i had filmed it...another trip?

an outing to Karlo Estates vineyard in Wellington

The bridge behind Karlo Estates

The wonderful vine chandelier at Rosehall Run Winery where we tasted a few delicious wines and I bought a bottle of the righteous dude to take home to my honey

a happy group taking a break

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