Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wellington Brewery

I always like it when a company incorporates artwork in their advertising and even better when they employ artists and use original artwork. One of my city's local micro breweries is Wellington Brewerywhich is also Canada's oldest indie micro brewery. I actually did not know that about Wellington Brewery and just found out by reading the back of their coaster. I pick up paper paraphernalia everywhere I go. It can be a bit of a problem the paper hoarding, but I have strategies in place now to keep it under control. For instance, now when I see an attractive art brochure, I pick it up and read it right away. If the information on the brochure is important and too much to write down, then I pocket it. If there is only one brochure left, I try to take a photo of the most relevant information with my phone or camera and leave the paper there. Anyhow, some friends and I were enjoying a Neil Diamond tribute show at the ANAF club the other night (check out Joey Purpura, 'Diamond in the rough') and I picked up this cutie coaster. The artwork is by Gregory Pepper, a local talent you can see (or hear) more about him here. Wellington Brewery's logo is the black welly and I like Greg's version here.

On the back of the coaster it says that this is one in a series of four coasters designed by local artists. I have not seen any of the other works in the series, so will have to keep my eyes peeled. Luckily, it is very good beer too.
 I just found the rest of the series here on Gillian Wilson's blog. They are all so great! Way to go, Wellington Brewery.

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