Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Josh Blackwell

I have no idea (typical) how I came across this artist but for some reason I jotted his name down in my daytimer and have just looked him up. So happy to have found his lovely embroidered trash bags!
You can see his work on his website here and I have posted a few photos of his work below from his website. You should really have a look through his work, there are lots of wonderful pieces to see.
Plastic bags in nature stir up a few emotions for me. Sometimes I see a little bit of white plastic fluttering in the top branches of a tree and I think it is kind of sweet, like a flag or a lost hankie. Other times they are noisy and dirty and too many of them and I worry about the animals that get tangled in them or try to eat them… anyhow, my reaction to Josh's work is all good.

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