Monday, March 3, 2014

what? is that a finished attic upstairs?!

If you know my family, or even if you follow this blog, you more than likely are aware that we have been very, very slowly working on renovating our third floor space. I have hesitated talking about it for some time or posting anything because the last time I was chatting with a neighbour about it (whom I do not know very well) they said, 'your attic? you have been working on that forever! it is not done yet?!' 

Our weekly excitement over every little achievement up there did not translate so well to others. The space is out of sight and out of mind for us and so we really have to plan when we will head up there and have a look. There was so much plastering and taping of odd angles that I think we got bored and tried not thinking about it as much as possible. Until people asked us how it was going, remembering our excited chatter about creating this new wonderful space in our house. The mudding and joins now complete and the plaster finally put away, Chris has now happily embarked on the painting. It is getting very white now and clean. It is very clean really.

We reclaimed all of the old wood trim, doors and window frames, sanding it all down and fixing it up where needed and finishing it all off with a few good coats of white paint. The floors were in pretty good shape, so we just patched them here and there and gave them lots of paint as well.  

bad photo of the back of the attic where a little sink and a bar fridge will go

a longer view of the back half, with the sink on it's back

this is the front window where Chris built some storage under what will be a cosy day bed/ reading nook

I know these photos are bad, but they are all I have from this special time. Looks like I took them with my iPod very late at night when my arm was shaky from painting all day...

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