Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Edition 'hanging garden'

Just finished putting together a new edition. This work, titled 'hanging garden' is inspired by a monotype that I made for my show 'far from the tree' at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre in 2004. The monotype, 'hanging garden' was purchased by the MSACentre for their permanent collection and was out of my life quite quickly. It was one of my favourite pieces from the show and I had always hoped to revisit the work in an edition of some type. The edition is comprised of 10 etchings with chine collé. Each print is made up of 12 etched plates and almost that many different handmade Japanese tissue papers (washi). It has taken some time to press flat and dry out completely, but they 
are now ready to leave the studio. 
If the good driving weather keeps up, we will be delivering one of the first of this edition to Open Studio  and Canvas Gallery in Toronto this Friday afternoon.

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