Thursday, July 25, 2013

work in progress, Summer 2013

I am working on a couple of projects right now and am excited about completing the bulk of the work early in the Summer before my son gets back from his canoe trip. There are a few editions that I am having lots of fun with, a large woven and quilted etching that is keeping me very busy and a few bits and pieces that distract me occasionally with their state of 'almost-oh-so-close-to-finished'.

These small works are etchings on washi on panel.  A couple  from the bottom grouping are now at the Japanese Paper Place as part of the group show, A Commitment to Washi: Canadian Artists Explore Tosa Washi.

This large woven and stitched etching on washi (in progress, here) may show this Fall in a group show.  I will post more details on the show very soon.  An exciting group of artists involved...

Lastly, a couple more 'works in progress' for a solo show at the Rotunda Gallery at Kitchener City Hall this October.  Lots of working this Summer in the studio, thankfully the heat wave has passed and I can spend some more time up there.

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