Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Prints in the mail!

 Finally, I have taken some snaps of the prints I received from the Print Exchange through Art House Co-op. Such a wonderful range of interpretation and style! Also, I love getting good stuff in the mail. Still hoping that there will be an online showing of the 500 prints that were sent to the Brooklyn Art Library for this exchange. It would be so great to be able see all of them, for those of us who could not make the openings.
  I will keep looking for that. It may be out there...

'Route 66' by Kim Keller-McDonald

'the drive home' by Jane Beecham

untitled by Nicole Ann Wassell

'Let's Go!' by Terrence McCarthy

'I Know It Well' by L.S.

'Drive' by Melinda Hoffman

untitled by M. Unger

'Home at Last' by Marina Bancroft

'The Drive Home' by S. Brady

untitled by Ashley Hughes

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