Monday, July 15, 2013

attic reno progress

Oh our attic is so close to done... very exciting. Pam and I ripped it apart over a year ago and insulated then closed it all up again with fresh drywall. Then we took a long break and now are back up there finishing up all the fussy details so that we can paint and move in. The thing about an attic reno is that you never walk past it and think, ok tomorrow we will get back in there. It is another floor, out of the way, out of sight and mind. All of this is probably why our son wants desperately to move his room up there and be off our radar.

Blurry photo of after Pam and I had gutted all the old plaster and lathe and dumped it down the chute we attached to the window out front. It was quite nice as an empty shell and I could imagine if we lived in a warmer climate, how nice it would be to just paint all the wood white... but we need insulation and that was the reason for the work.

Knob and tube removed and replaced with new wiring.

This is Chris in the middle of ripping out a bedroom ceiling and insulating. He did not gut the attic but just to give you an idea of what Pam and I looked like. We wore goggles though.

Some insulation in and prepping for vapour barrier and then drywall.

Attic completion photos soon... almost ready for paint this week! 

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