Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Birthday dinner at Artisinale

A little while ago we celebrated my baby's birthday. He is in high school and definitely not a 'baby' but ... what can I say? He has a very healthy appetite, our boy and a keen interest in good food and I don't think would turn up his nose at anything. As a small child he went everywhere we went and ate the same foods- we never made a 'special' different dinner for him from what was on the menu. There is a theory the French have about this... I am not remembering well but goes something along the lines of, if a child (or anyone I think) tries something 7 times, they will develop a taste for it. Which is probably why their children (and many children in many cultures, really) eat everything the family eats and do not dictate what they will and won't eat.  I cannot even imagine the grief that would put on my kitchen. For his birthday we asked what he would like to do with his small family and he wanted to eat at a local French restaurant, Artisinale
Artisinale have a serious interest in local small farms and responsible farming practices. They work with food that is in season and develop the menus from that.  
We also wanted to check out some of my artwork that Yasser and Kirsty had purchased for the restaurant. A lovely evening, delicious food and good company.

Next week Artisinale are celebrating their one year anniversary in their new location.

When a baby chick is first born, it can be hard to tell whether it will grow into an egg-laying mother hen or a red-combed rooster signalling the dawn. But with time, nourishment and care, you watch it grow and develop into what it was meant to be.
A year ago, Artisanale hatched into its new space at 214 Woolwich Street. Over the year we've watched it grow and flourish, and now we'd like you to join us in signalling a new dawn of great food in Guelph.

Everyone's Invited!

Everyone is invited to join us on Thursday, June 27th from 5:30-7pm on our patio for live music and complimentary aperitifs and hors d'oeuvres.
Dinner, featuring a 5-course Chef's Tasting Menu, will follow for those who have purchased tickets and will serve as a teaser of what's new to come at Artisanale. Dinner will start at6:30pm and finish by 9:00pm.

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