Tuesday, July 9, 2013

walking, looking

sometimes I wander about on foot lost in thought... and since I always find beautiful things in the trees or on the ground, I have started carrying my small camera with me everywhere. I don't always use it but  the habit is forming and I am working on remembering I have it with me. Here are a few interesting things along my commute.

This is my fire escape perch outside my studio. I love watching the changing of the lovely crabapple trees down below. When it is really hot in the Summer, my studio is steamy and I tie this door open to catch a bit of air flow.  Little birds sometimes sit on the ledge, looking in and listening to what music I might be playing. 

Speaking of looking up (or down), a few weeks ago we finally had our massive Black Walnut tree trimmed. It towers over our home and our three neighbours close to the corner of the yard where the tree grows. We all got together and organized a bit trimming. The tree is very old and beautiful but was in bad need of care, with quite a few large dead branches waiting for the right strong wind. These are a few photos of the agile man who climbed up three stories of tree and swung from ropes with a chainsaw clipped to the back of his belt. I was nervous to watch but was so in awe.

Can you see him up there on what looks like a small branch? It was amazing to watch these fearless men scramble around in our backyard giant. In the end, they did a wonderful job and I think our tree is feeling relief to be rid of all the dead limbs.

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