Saturday, May 18, 2013

Poem & Print with Jane Lind #3

This is a piece that I did in response to Jane's poem, 'Butterfly Shoes' (which you can find under the post heading, Poem & Print with Jane Lind #2). The above work is a mixed print collage with washi and hand stitching and is titled, 'garden patch adventures'.

It is funny that I don't see the connection as clearly now as I did at first. I think it is the running through the grass and clover and the different journey sections of the poem that I was thinking of and none of the wonderful colour that she describes.  What might carry back and forth between us is more of a mood than a description and it is also our individual interpretations and reactions to each others work. We started this project near the end of 2010 when Jane first saw 'Memento' at Printopolis.  Our writing and printing has gone fairly slowly, fitting itself inbetween other projects, work and bouts of illness and inactivity. Thankfully, the two of us are on the mend and keen to get back to this project and see where it takes us.
Here is Jane's new poem in response to the work above.


One lone butterfly at summer's end

draws its course around

Nerine blossoms and

sails between the earth and sky

under the crab apple tree

in the soft September morning fog.

What other gardens will it visit?

What blossoms will it find?

Buddleja, soft pink Anemones, perhaps,

or Purple Emperor Sedums or

will it light on Monarda and white Phlox?

Whatever its course,

drawn by the magnetic pull of the earth,

it will find its destination.

                                                                      Jane Lind, 2013

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