Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beautiful Snowy Morning

I woke up the other day to such a brightness coming in the windows and when I looked outside,
all was white.  Every branch, twig, car and inch of everything outside was covered in snow
and more was coming down.  It was such a beautiful sight that I walked to the studio with my
head tilted back looking up into the trees and nearly crashed into someone else doing the same
thing.  We both laughed and expressed our shared glee with the sudden beauty of it all.  
Here are a few snapshots.  Soon I am hoping my son will teach me how to use his new camera...
then let me borrow it.  
Eek. Looking at these photos online they look very dark and don't really convey how white and 
bright I said it was. It is probably my camera... working on this. You can see that it is lots of 
snow though.

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