Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poem & Print with Jane Lind #2

Here is my second work for Jane and my back-and-forth project. This mixed print is titled, 'youth and garden blankets' and is in response to the first poem Jane wrote.

This is her poem in reflection and response to this piece.

Butterfly Shoes

She saw through the window curtain

butterflies lighting on purple cone flowers
opening and closing their wings
in the morning sunshine.
Trembling with excitement,
she put on her butterfly shoes,
ran outside and crouched in the garden,
her face so close to the butterfly wings she could have
touched them.
Instead she opened her arms to the morning sun,
her face to the sky
as the butterflies sailed over the fence.
She followed as fast as she could,
discovered the butterflies
far out in the purple haze of the clover field
disappearing into the sky.
But wait. Just as she collapsed onto the ground,
one butterfly returned, sat on her hand,
pouring into her its orange ecstasy.

Jane Lind, 2012

I had been missing Jane's studio visits and so went round to her house to catch up and have tea. Jane makes her own mint tea, which is wonderful and she has promised me a mint plant to two in the Spring which I will happily plant in our small garden.  Anyhow, while I was visiting Jane brought out her baby shoes that her mother had kept for her. They are just like the ones in the work (above) that we were working on and so precious that I had to take some photos.  When I started walking, I think I had those white hard leather ankle boots that were supposed to be good for young feet... not sure about that but Jane's are much cuter.

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