Friday, April 29, 2016

Reduction Monotype with Chine Collé

I am sharing all my how-to demo slide shows with you here. One after the hopefully not too much. There will be lots of real news soon. Almost have all my Barbados photos edited and organized. There are a few exciting things I want to tell you about soon as well. So stay tuned...
Here is a step by step, reduction monotype with chine collé. I usually use a copper plate so that I can etch it later, or the other side might be etched already. In prepping for Barbados, I made lots of monotype plates out of matt board and acetate. The acetate is adhered with double-sided tape around the four sides. These were great, held up well to all the printing we did, were light (for travel) and inexpensive to make. I have used vapour barrier plastic when I could not find any acetate and it worked well, though it did stretch a bit and needed trimming after a few prints.You can use this type of plate for hand printing as well. The image might not be as crisp as with a press, but you can get some good information with a light weight paper.

Ta- da!

This last image is a reduction monotype in progress on the plate. Thought I would include this photo as it is more graphic with the black ink and maybe a bit easier to see.

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