Thursday, April 21, 2016

Chine Collé Slide Show

I often get asked about the printmaking technique, chine collé, what it is and why to use it. It is printing on a fine grain paper (traditionally a washi- or handmade Japanese tissue) while pasting it to a heavier support (traditionally a cotton rag European paper) all in one pass through the etching press. It is a technique I use every time when printing since I first discovered it over 20 years ago. A very lightweight gampi is one of my favourites, though there are so many different ones I use as well (thank you Japanese Paper Place!) I love the semi-transparency and the way the very fine grain of the paper picks up so much more information and subtle plate tone than a heavier rag paper. Some people are not fond of plate tone and tiny scratches, but I find these sometimes unintended marks part of the surprise and what I enjoy most about printmaking. 

So while I continue to put together my photos from Barbados...
here is another wonderful slide show for you. This one is vintage and is from slide film that Chris shot many years ago now. I like the feel of the photos and seeing how my studio used to be set up (things have moved around a bit since then). 

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  1. Thanks for posting this tutorial! I've researched for review different types of printing. I guess this method deserves a full project on it.