Friday, November 6, 2015

In the Round at Graven Feather

My three circle panels for Graven Feather's annual group show, 'In the Round' which opened last night. This year, both Chris and I entered work, was fun to have a small project to work on between spending so much time at the store...more on that later.
Missed the opening but can't wait to go see the show. With 150 participating artists, the opening is pretty busy and though it is nice to meet the other artists I am looking forward to seeing all the work in a most leisurely manner.
Tonight we are off to Cambridge to see Jeff Christie's (a fellow BealArt alumni) new work in his solo exhibition 'Here Today' at Preston Gallery.
Lots of art shows and excitement around in Guelph lately and this weekend is the Guelph
Film Festival, which I am looking forward to. Always lots of thought provoking films to see.

It has been awhile since I have posted anything much but there are many posts started and saved to finish soon. Lots to tell you about the last few wonderful months.

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