Friday, September 19, 2014

So long, Summer

I know, my so long to Summer should have been some time ago. What can I say? This is when I got around to gathering those thoughts and am now considering turning on the furnace. Lots of good times with family and friends, car drives, camp fires, lakes and beaches. I wish I got some photos to capture the hours of floating, the boys tubing, mini golf, badminton, porch building, the wonderful taco truck in Sauble beach and all the delicious meals we enjoyed. Ah well, until next time.
Some beautiful clouds on a gorgeous drive from Guelph to Walkerton.

So happy to have my nephew and niece visit us. This is how I take a picture of the boys hanging out. stealth. My technique needs some work.

Speaking of practice...
This is Megan loving Spike tickling her as he climbs up her arm.

Boys and men getting ready to head out in the boat...this means Clare and I are going to pursue some serious floating.

Miles, Ray and Chris jumping off high rocks...

very exciting

and I don't think for me.

 The falls at Go Home Lake were so close we could hear their lovely sounds in the background.

I wish I could remember where this store was...maybe half-way between Go Home Lake and Burke's Falls. They had everything in this store including this curious arrangement of stuffed local wildlife. That's right, just behind the slushie machines.

Late morning pj's, tea and books with cousins. So sweet these moments...I will probably get in trouble for this.

I think we counted 9 baby ducks in this family at Sauble Falls

I get the wedge on the blanket, but I don't mind.

An early attempt at sand sculpture...

Us and the Buttons saying 'so long' to the beach and the one week of beautiful sun that we had all Summer. We felt very lucky.

My family taking in our last sunset of our stay in Southampton

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