Monday, August 18, 2014

etching with Myles Calvert

I took in a travelling artist for a month at the beginning of the Summer and ended up taking one of his workshops on etching. This was the second etching workshop I took in that month and I am happy to find that I am still learning so much. Am also finding that it is as much the group you spend the time with in class as the teacher or environment. The teacher was wonderful Myles Calvert and the place was my studio with fellow artist students Michelle Purchase, Meredith Blackmore and other artists who popped in through the week. We learned how to etch zinc plates with copper sulphate and then print them in a number of different ways, having lots of fun along the way.

Meredith Blackmore's lovely little etching that she created through these multiple stages.

Myles showing us his multiple colour print

My first trial print...not sure about the image but I am starting to understand working with copper sulphate and zinc

playing with options on my second print

At the end, we all traded prints. This is Myles three colour print.

Meredith's people pushing a truck with a great variety of mark making

Michelle's red tree house with some lovely red chine collé

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