Thursday, July 24, 2014

etching with Kyle Topping

Lots of printmaking workshops this Spring and Summer. I was taking them and hosting them and enjoyed all of it immensely. My first session was hosting a daytime weekly open studio print session. The second group was 2 full Sundays of monoprinting with chine colle, and lunch provided. Both groups were so fun and inspiring. My third workshop was as a student alongside Pam at Spark Box where we had a semi private non-toxic etching class (copper plates and ferric chloride)  with Kyle Topping.  Last but not least, I took Myles Calvert's etching workshop (also non-toxic) using zinc and copper sulphate. I have a few photos from each session but should probably treat them individually so that I don't confuse things.
These photos below are from Kyle's etching workshop.

I had my drawing on trace paper which I usually do, then it is easy to reverse if needed. Our plates were polished and de-greased with Soya sauce...weird and new to me but it worked perfectly. We created a solution of Future floor wax and ink to brush on to the plate- very thin! Mine is a bit heavy handed below, is better when it is a thin coating. Or two thin coatings...

The white lines are from the white transfer paper that I use. I don't like the chalky ones as they tend to be powdery and not stick the same as this type.

I drew my lines and then we etched with Ferric Chloride. After etching I was able to do a test print from the plate without removing the ground first. That was a big time saver. The black spots above are from where I touched up the ground with a brush with a heavier acrylic material. (because my ground was a bit too heavy in some areas and chipped when I was drawing...) I did find out later that I could also use the floor wax and ink solution with a brush to touch up areas and did not need to use a heavier material.

Some more line work and etching and then I removed the ground with a soda ash solution and proofed the plate again on a piece of gampi this time. It is very faint but I am happy with the line work and am ready to prepare for an aquatint. Kyle set us up for using the airbrush with a screen filler, which I was a bit nervous about possibly having to do a few times, but all went well. I carefully packed my plate away with the aquatint ground safely on so that I could work on it slowly at home. We were running out of time and I had so many other things started that needed finishing.

Kyle and I taking a break with a Wellington Brewery beer (from Guelph!) and thinking of Josh (who says that this Wellington beer is his favourite) somewhere in Ireland printing at the time and may have a different favourite beer by now.

Pam very focussed on the press

These are Pam's first proofs of her etched plate that turned out so well.  I did not notice her working that much faster than me but somehow she did manage to get her plate finished...

Just a note on materials: if you are looking for white transfer paper, etching inks, etching tools, tarlatan and other print materials you can find them at Wyndham Art Supplies in Guelph. Yes, they ship. *(people keep asking me where to find materials and I remind them that I am married to an arts supply store owner- so yes, his store carries almost everything a printmaker needs)

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