Thursday, May 1, 2014

Akua Monoprint video

I have been dabbling with water soluble intaglio inks in my monoprint workshops in my studio lately. So far I have used Charbonnel and most recently, Akua. They are not the same as oil based inks but they do have some definite benefits and it may just take a bit of time and play to understand their full potential. It is hard to change something like this but I am keen to give it some serious time and testing. You can find lots of good instructional videos online about the different products available and how to use them.
Here is an inspiring video put out by Speedball, demonstrating the making of a monotype print using Akua water soluble inks. Click here for video.

I would have liked to post some pics of the lovely monotype prints being made in my Wednesday morning open session but I do not have any yet.  So just another photo of my semi clean studio. Soon I will share some of the lovely prints with you here.
There is still room for 1 or 2 more in this Sunday's workshop. 

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