Wednesday, April 23, 2014

the rapture

The weather has been getting many of us in Canada (except in B.C.) down. We get a little sunshine and the temperature rises to above zero for a day then wham another serious snow storm with plummeting temperatures. It is getting to be much too much. 
We are so tired of it all. It was so pretty and unusual when the snow came down early
December and stayed through Christmas but then it just kept coming…
Anyhow, music usually cheers me up and this album from the Rapture really got my
toe tapping and spirits soaring by the second listen. It has been awhile since I have
listened to a whole album in the order in which the musicians intended it to be heard,
but I am convinced that there is something to that. I am not going to give up shuffle 
but In The Grace Of Your Love is a fun listen from start to finish.
Here is one of the songs from ITGOYL, video

This post was written a week or so ago and the weather is looking a bit better but this morning was zero when I headed out. Still optimistic… got music.

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