Friday, November 29, 2013

More photos of your art…and the winner!

Here are the last of the Art in Your Homes photos that you have sent in. Last night I wrote out all of your names with the artwork in the photos you sent. I put them all in a large bowl (there were lots!) and drew one name out. The winner of a 12" x 12" unframed print is Trish from Guelph with her photo of 'Swirl'.  Congratulations Trish! Thank you so much to everyone who sent in photos and messages about the artwork you have. It has been a very nice experience for me to hear such good things and a bit of a trip down memory lane with some of the works.
Now, to finish up the last bits of big tidy for our Studio Open House. I am looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend. There are lots of art and craft events in Guelph this weekend, so lots to see and do.

Maxine's 'chrysanthemum' monoprint

Kelly's 'lip tissue' birthday present. (I made this with Pearl VanGeest).

Kim's 'Chinese roses' in Kamloops

Kristin's 'peony bud' hanging over Buddha

Kristin's 'Winter grape'

Maxine's 'tired conversation'

and Maxine's 'crabapple branch (left, centre and right)'

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