Saturday, February 2, 2013

wiping some plates!

final state for this edition

This print above is the finished state of the plate, ready to pull a small edition (etching, drypoint with chine collé) before I start re-etching, scraping away and changing the plate for the next edition.  The images below are some of the trial works to find my way to here. The whole process made me remember how much I missed drypoint and manually drawing into the plate. 
The body of prints that I am working on right now are for a solo show at the Rotunda Gallery at Kitchener City Hall to open this October. I was itching to try another series of work similar to my 'variations' show from Open Studio in 2006.  These images here are just the beginning.  The suite of prints, Nancy outside in July by Jim Dine have been a big inspiration in the process.  
Practical reasons aside, it is enjoyable reworking a plate creating a new image while the ghost or parts of past images hint through the present.
stage 3
stage 2
stage 1

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