Monday, February 11, 2013

super long etching day

Phew. Finally one long day where everything worked out for etching a new print/ 12 plates. The plates were all clean and polished, the sun was shining, my schedule was free for whole day and no one was minding me taking over the common areas on the top floor.

I use white transfer paper to get my sketches onto the plates, then paint ground onto the negative space.

kind like how the plates look with the lovely polished copper showing
through the ground painted on

all the plates are ready to go and it is getting dark... maybe it is only 4:30pm though

hallway elevator area where I can set up the spraypainting (aquatint) that I
do in many layers to build up the dark areas

a couple of test prints

lovely clean plates all ready to go

and this is a taped up test of the final print. now for the big press and
lots of help with the chine colle

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