Friday, December 21, 2012

busy pre- birthday fun

Spent the day before my birthday dropping off some artwork at Canvas Gallery in Toronto
with my friend Wendy. Since we were in the city we decided to make it a day of fun too.
Went shopping a bit, ate lots of yummy things, soaked in the waters and enjoyed some
local beers with friends. 
'love part I, II & III' and 'wind in blue branches' are now at Canvas Gallery 

Wendy introduced me to fish tacos at Tacos El Asador (Bloor & Clinton) and to the strange and wonderful walnut cakes and the machine that makes them, just down the street.

This is Wendy blissed out after I introduced her to the fabulous body blitz spa.    
 Some people think it is good to keep this place a secret but I think it is too good to not share.
We met up with Siobhan and Pam for a flight of ales at the Indie Ale House brewery on Dundas. Then Margaritas and silly hats at Cantina. Siobhan found a painting she was especially fond of at Margaret's. Then we were tired and full and my birthday had become official.

apparently the hats are only meant for decoration but it was too late to go back

we were curious about the rue morgue house of horror, which it turns out is a magazine and a few other things in a converted old chapel. you can read a bit more about them here.


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