Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fun Day in the City

Finally took a day to catch up with my friend Peter. We have been friends since high school and with losing a number of friends and connections, we have started spending more time keeping in touch.  We started off wandering around the AGO and had coffee in the Italian Gallery, which I love.
We were having a laugh about old photos and how much we have changed as well as how much we have not.
Peter and I with sweet Donna... a long time ago
i like this view of OCAD from the back staircase at the AGO

Peter had a commitment in the afternoon, so I wandered over Queen West West to see what Pam was up to.  Graven Feather had been a very busy space recently with Nuit Blanche, Culture Days
and their first artist in residence.  Pam was a bit wiped out but happy that the studio/gallery had been visited by so many people.
We wandered around the neighbourhood and found some good local beers in the Lakeview Restaurant.  Tried to take some photos but only had my ipod with me... doesn't quite capture the loveliness of this vintage space.
Pam had a meeting, so I wandered and looked around a bit.
i liked the yellow sign on the roof top patio- then noticed someone turned the p into an s. still like it
new beer garden from an old garage with a fun paper pasted art on the wall
squirrel tail in front yard bush
this is EXCITING.  Graven Feather is in an Artscape building.  they do great things. this is a huge beautiful  building
this is such a teaser... original artwork for Cybele Young's books 'A Few Blocks' and 'A Few Bites' in the window of Type bookstore.  should be seen up close. she is all about magical details. speaking of Cybele, we went to see her solo show at Cambridge Galleries: Preston a couple weeks ago. She does beautiful amazing and quirky scuptural things with Japanese papers and paste. I did not bring my camera... the work was wonderful.
Finished the evening up with some wine and dinner and lots of laughs at the House on Parliament pub with Peter.  A wonderful day and late night! Walked Duke the wonder dog to the super Jet fuel to get latte and muffin for breakfast before dashing for the next bus home.

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