Thursday, March 29, 2012

attic progress

Just had our final energy audit with the hope that our many improvements on air sealing and insulating will make our old home warmer/cooler and more energy efficient.  Have to wait a bit to hear back about all the numbers but looks like we have made a considerable improvement and may be eligible for a few of the last batch of grants.  Such a shame to see this program ending.
With all the work on the attic getting close to completion and the energy audit over, I am very excited to immerse myself back in my studio work full time and actualize some of the ideas that I have been daydreaming about during the many hours of drywalling and mudding.
front and back view... almost done
Also managed to realize a priority of ours this Winter with a new window in the front of the house. Yes, air flow on the main floor!  Why people replaced windows with giant sheets of glass is a mystery to me.  If we were on a very busy street, maybe...
still have to put the framing on and get rid of the paper under the couch, but this is 'after'

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