Sunday, December 27, 2015

Print Trip to Hamilton

Laine Groeneweg said, 'come visit me in Hamilton'. And so, we did. One day last week, after much figuring on the right day for everyone, three of us (Alison Judd, Gillian Wilson and I) travelled down to the Hammer to check out some print, art and other good things.
There was lots of good to see. First stop was the Cotton Factory where Smokestack Studios is housed.

Here we are in Smokestack Studio where Laine works with his brother.

Lots of lovely spots to take photos. I am wanting a copper hot plate/ wiping table like the one that Laine built here.

I love a bit of 'I love printmaking' signage

Laine's mezzotint work area. Another neat invention.

Enviable tool collection and plate.

Checking out some of the wonderful prints that have been printed at Smokestack.

One of Laine's lovely mezzotint prints, 'flying key'

Our tour of the vast wonderful building that is the Cotton Factory. Lots of great spaces already in use and lots of space being developed for more tenants.

We wandered to 541eatery & exchange for lunch. What a special place. Delicious, reasonably priced food with an interesting opportunity to help someone else purchase their lunch. They had a jar of buttons, from which you could a buy a button (or more) for a dollar and then put it in the buttons available jar. If someone is in need of a dollar to help with lunch, they are welcome to take a button.  Lovely place!
We had such a good day and also managed to visit Centre3, White Elephant, Mixed Media,  Hamilton Artists' Inc., Design Annex, Art Gallery of Hamilton and Girl on the Wing. There were lots of other places to visit but we just ran out of time. Definite plans to visit again!

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  1. Love this place! Always amazing art on display, and lots of beautiful tempting things in the shop - I always wish I could buy everything!