Friday, March 4, 2011

Hillside Festival poster is done!

  The Guelph Hillside Festival 2011 chose me to work on this year's poster!  After a couple of months fine tuning the multiple blocks and getting the printing just right, the poster work is complete and the first ad will be in the Bookshelf newpaper soon.  I decided to work on an image that incorporated my love of the botanical, something to convey Hillside and all the wonderful things that happen there, while touching on a very timely issue.  The honey bees, flying through the apple blossoms and gathering pollen seemed a good fit with a number of themes we wanted to include in the promotion of the Festival.  The disappearing bee is a serious issue as they are a crucial part of our food chain, pollinating 90% of the plants we grow.  It was important to me to have the bee in the picture while remembering the spirit of the festival and keeping it light. The fact that bees communicate through dance makes me smile and the huge cooperative volunteer effort that is the preparation and running of the Hillside festival is alot like a super busy hive. 

 Please check out the link below if you are concerned about the future of our bees.
And a link about Ontario bees, beekeepers, honey, etc.

This is the big picture.  I am now working on having a small edition that I can have available, possibly at the festival
or from my studio (which is one floor above the Hillside office).

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