Saturday, January 25, 2014

Who is Kelli Anderson?

I am trying to remember how I stumbled across the art and design work of Kelli Anderson… and it is escaping me. darn. Maybe it was her work with the Neutral Milk Hotel website. (I really love their 'listen' page.) Or maybe it was her chart on how much water it takes to make a plastic water bottle. Anyhow, she is an American artist, designer, social activist and printmaker. In one video I found, she has a good sized letter press that she uses in her Brooklyn apartment. She has made a solar powered popsicle truck, paper record player and fake New York Times.  I think she is pretty wonderful, inspiring and fun and this Ted Talk video sums up some of what she does.
Click here for the TED Talk on Disruptive Wonder for Change.
Click here for her interview on Brooklyn Independent Television, peek of letterpress.
Click here for her blog, connected to her also very interesting website.

There are so many great visuals that I would love to share here to give you an idea of her talents but her website and TED talk cover a good range of what she does and how she does it. This image is a letterpress print that she did for Jen Bekman Projects awhile back and I found it here on Jen Bekman's tumblr.

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