Tuesday, January 14, 2014

grey wall or red wall

Chris and I are playing around with a feature wall that we have in our dining room. It is easy to change and a backdrop to one of my favourite paintings of Chris's, 'warm blanket'. The red wall seemed to bring the subtle tones of the painting down, but with the grey, there is so much more strong colour visible.
Sometimes it is just fun to change one wall colour and not such a big deal.

before: red wall

after: grey wall

I think we like the grey wall and it will stay. We might even take some of the grey into the kitchen. Chris is not sold on this idea yet, will see. 
Funny thing I noticed that both these photos were taken at Christmas…hmmm. A few years ago the red wall photo was taken, since then we have painted the chairs and recovered the seats, switched the curtains,purchased a new dining table and put the baseboards up in the dining room. Phew. Still a few small things to do in there, but you can't really see them from here.
Maybe the holidays are a good time to paint one wall.

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