Monday, November 11, 2013

Etching process and Grand River Living

I often get questions about how an etching is made and how long it took to make it. Explaining the multiple stages in the process often makes people glaze over about half way through. For myself, I understand things more completely when I see them done or when I do them myself.

This week, I will be on Rogers tv Grand River Living, being interviewed while   printing an etched plate and attempting to explain the process of creating the plate. I haven't seen the finished interview with Anandi yet, so I am not sure if my explanations were clear. I am not usually very good in these scenarios but was made so comfortable by Anandi and Derek that I have a feeling it will be a good, if brief, portrayal of the process.

Today I stumbled upon two good stop motion videos which show the creation of  an etching from start to finish.

Dafna Sartiel's stop motion video here for the show 'Print-Making-Of/ Disorder'
and Joe Carr of Antiquated Press's stop motion video here (through Printeresting) for the making of 'Stars'.

these are a couple of shots of a plate that I am preparing to etch. i am painting the ground on the copper where I do not want it to etch. 

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