Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

I hope you have a fun Halloween, filled with lots of good ghouls and crazy costumes that you will have trouble figuring out. Chris and I managed to put some costumes together this year to celebrate. We went out with Liberace and his driver (who did not hold back with the bling), so we wanted to make an effort. Lots of fun.
We have left our pumpkin carving to the very last minute, so will be carving quickly before the kids come out. The seeds can be roasting in the oven while we hand out the goodies.
This pumpkin idea might work for us. I love polka dots and it looks like it might not need too much time to pull off. I found the photo on SF Girl by Bay's blog, a wonderful place to go and sigh over all the lovely interiors and get inspired.

Simple and lovely. 

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