Monday, September 9, 2013

Exciting new show at Macdonald Stewart Art Centre

I am excited about this upcoming group show for a number of reasons. The first because I will be showing a new piece that I have been working on for some time, second because of all the wonderful artists who are showing their work as well, third the curator Dawn Owen has been stewing this idea around for some time and it will be so nice to see it in fruition and finally because it will take place in Guelph at our local public gallery.
If you are in town, please join us for the opening September 26th at 7pm.

Here is Dawn's brief introduction to the show:

artefact/artefiction: material culture as medium examines the trend in contemporary practice of using objects of material culture (socially-imbued artefacts, both contemporary and historical) as, or in combination with, traditional artist’s media. Through the work of sculptor/performance artist Susan Detwiler (Vancouver), painter Dana Holst (Winnipeg), sculptor Fiona Kinsella (Hamilton), painter Jay Kronenwald (Toronto), printmaker Tammy Ratcliff (Guelph), and mixed media artist WhiteFeather Hunter (Montreal), among others, the exhibition seeks to explore and identify the significance of the contemporary artist’s tools and media as they relate to social and societal norms. Detwiler uses human hair, secondhand wedding gowns, and prom dresses; Holst uses vintage buttons, costume jewelry, fabric, and antique picture frames; Kinsella uses human and animal bone, teeth, skin, hair, and fur, as well as antique cutlery and other curiosities; Kronenwald builds celebrity portraits from wads of chewing gum; Ratcliff mines her own art in the creation of new work; and WhiteFeather Hunter uses found organic materials, like the bones and detritus of animals. MSAC will produce a fully illustrated catalogue, including an essay by curator Dawn Owen. 

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