Thursday, May 10, 2012

Printing at Catch-23

After my big press break I was a bit stressed about how I was going to do all the printing for my upcoming show at Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art.  Thankfully, Ryan Price at Catch-23 offered me the use of his press and studio to print some of the plates that I had all ready to go. This space was my old studio quite a long time ago and it was a bit funny working in there at first but then once things got going was very nice.  Lots of good memories and great to have a bit of time to look at some of Ryan's wonderful drypoints and drawings. I am posting a few photos (which don't do his work justice) but you should look up his work.  The studio is also home to Ryan and Nadine's custom framing, Catch-23 and they do beautiful work.

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