Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homes of artists

My home (present and past) is a series of constant renovation projects. Probably because as artists, my husband and I have gone for the 'fixer-upper' type house within our means.  The type of home usually advertised as one that just needs a creative touch, a dash of inspiration and lots of dreaming and scheming.  This means we have learned to be very handy and also to know where we should not bother ourselves and just hire the professionals.  Recently there have been a number of fellow artists homes on blogs and websites and thought I would share a few here in case you have missed them. I love the warm spaces made up of found treasures, hand me downs, art and all wonderful things home made. oh, and these three homes are in Ontario. nice.

this is the home and artist residency (Spark Box Studios)  of Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping.  you can see more here at design sponge
The sweet bedroom above is the room that I stayed in during my residency last September. 
The recent covet garden features the home of artists Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth. you can see more here 
on their website/blog, a wonderful online magazine.  The previous issue featured the home of artist Cybele Young. 

and be sure to check out the lovely website for Arounna and John's Toronto store Bookhou 

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